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Hi all

2009-03-07 22:44:51 by Jakonen

Hey, name's Jakonen. im a newbie voiceactor. ive got a demo reel up, and am open for scouting. hope to be working with you soon.


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2009-03-07 23:54:59

Hey, welcome to Newgrounds!! =D

If you're looking to advertise yourself as a voice actor, go post in the Audio forums. There's a thread called "Voice Actor Advertisement". In fact, here's the link: 16630

Jakonen responds:

Hey thanks!


2009-03-11 11:27:51

I neeeeed you to do a voice acting role thing.
one of your voices (lol) are perfect for a character I have.
are you going to be sticking around Newgrounds much? because this is going to be an ongoing series, and I'm going to need you service over a period of time, do you think you could to that?
You'll be in Planetoid 3, which i've almost finished.
you can check out the first to, to see if it' know, up to par.
please get back to me
actually, add me on msn, if you can, if not, just email me.
I'll send you a message with my address.